[project1dev] The tail end of milestone 1

  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 08:40:11 -0700

Hey Everyone,

This first milestone working on the cave has worked out a lot of issues with
workflow and gotten us a basic set of features (enemy pathing, AI and a
basic level editor) and preformance upgrades.

These were some of the main goals of this first milestone so mission

Since we don't know where exactly this cave is going to fit in with the rest
of the world, Eric was thinking it would be best (even for the sake of
sanity because we've been working on this area for so long) to forgo to
pollish phase of this map and leave it at about 90% finished until we do
know the details of where it's going in the world and can finish it up then,
and I agree that is a good idea.

Here's the things he identified as wanting to finish up before we move on:

#1) Put the new boss art in
#2) Animate the dog men
#3) Replace the stationary miner art
#4) Finish decorating the cave with the props we have (and any that anyone
is working on)
#5) Do a lighting pass
#6) I want to do an optimization pass for the models cause i think a few
models we can reduce the number of verts without losing any major visual
quality (and i'll run the simplified models by everyone before i check them
in to make sure I don't ugly things up too much).  This should boost overall
performance which will let us place more objects while maintaining higher
frame rates.

Anything else that anyone really wants to get in or does that sound ok to

There are some known issues that we are just going to leave for now (unless
they are quick fixes and anyone wants to tackle any!), that we'll deal with
when we come back to the cave later on:

* the boss is too tall and clips through the bridge (might be fixed with new
art but maybe not)
* you can walk around and through the rocks that caved in
* theres places in the map you can still fall through the ground into
* there's a few places where z fighting still happens
* Others: we haven't gone through a QA pass or play tested it to find the
bugs we don't know about.

Eric and I are finalizing the details of the 2nd milestone to make sure it
makes sense from both a creative and technical POV and the details will be
released by the end of the week.

Great job everyone, we are really kicking ass and this is shaping up to be a
great team! (:

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