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Hey, 2 things - 

1) I am a big believer in critique and constructive criticism.  In my design 
classes in college we would present our designs and everyone would comment with 
the goal of improving the final product. This process helped in 3 specific 
ways... One, it offered alternate perspectives and views on the design and gave 
the designer some insights they may not have thought about. Two, everyone 
became good at noticing details - I think being good at critiqueing is a good 
skill, and 3 it helped the designer make the best final version possible.  if 
you guys feel like ideas need to be tweaked or re-envisioned, please feel free 
to bring it up, we are a team and this is an open forum - I sincerely just want 
to make the best game possible.  I believe this will be a continuing process as 
we begin to understand each other as a team and learn how to nudge each other 
in the right direction... And definitely I appreciate knowing what works and 
what doesn't so I am not just spinning my wheels on bad ideas...

2) The cool thing about the way we are doing our intro is that they are 
essentially mini stories and situations - if anyone has an idea for one please 
post what you got and we can help flesh it out etc... I think this is sort of a 
situation where if you want to contribute a scenario or characters, etc. now 
would be the perfect time to start developing it because it'll be harder to 
integrate it in later and I'm sure you all have ideas that you want to share 
and i think the more views and ideas we have in the pool to draw from, the 
richer the game will be

That's all :)
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