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  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 18:56:03 -0700

Man that is so bad ass, wow.

Hey I had an idea for tying the scenarios together tell me what you think
(and feel free to shoot it down haha)

Ok so basically you are floating in the void and the reaper is there and is
judging you or testing you.

You start out and theres 3 paths to walk lets say (cool looking void
background... and the reaper is floating there hovering).  each path leads
to a diff scenario.

Maybe you have to choose 3 times from 3 diff paths (for a total of 9
scenarios total but you only do 3 of them?)

and before you make your choice the reaper kinda primes you with some
information, or just has some interesting dialog, and afterwords maybe makes
comments about your choices.

I'm picturing it like, you start a new gamee:

You appear in the void and see all this stuff swirling in the darkness in
the background, a torch or blue fire or something flares up and the world /
player fades into view and the reaper fades in (alpha blended in).

A text box comes up w/ a portrait of the reaper on the side and he says
stuff to you, maybe have some stuff like hinting at reincarnation "Not
everyone learns the lessons they must learn in a single life time, let's see
how you fare this time around."

Stuff like that, and when you go from void to scenario or from scenario to
void it fades down to black/silence and fades up to the new area / new
area's music w/ the player in the middle of the screen in his weird role.

I dunno, your idea inspired this image in my head so thought i'd share :P

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 6:41 PM, <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> "The kings lament"
> Player control: the king
> situation: the king is in his study alone, there are props like a globe,
> maps, books, chairs, fireplace.  The king is basically trying to make a
> decision.  Reading materials involving the decision lie all over the room
> and also the king can summon his advisor who will detail the situation and
> will also accept his answer.
> Problem: his council has demanded that magic be banned in the country -
> they say it is too dangerous and unpredictable.
> Information: They are afraid of a local sorcerer, Corzin, who has been
> building a tower near the capital city.  There are documents giving the pros
> and cons of magic. Exploring the study will also reveal hints that the king
> has minor telekenetic powers and has been studying how to hone his ability.
>  There are also reports of the benefits of magic as well as spy reports
> behind corzins actions.
> Progression of events:
> Part 1 the king reads and listens and then makes a decision, sunmons his
> advisor and gives him an answer (ban magic or not).
> Part 2 the king retires to his bedroom, the next day he is sitting in his
> throne room when a group of advisors and military guys rush in and one of
> the following happens:
> A) corzin has refused to obey the law and continues construction, they want
> permission to arrest him - but offer no crime or reason other that what
> sounds like slander, superstition and prejudice
> B) they demand that you reconsider the law, again offering you superstition
> as evidence
> Then the king lays down the law in regards to magic use in the country, as
> well as whether or not to arrest corzin for breaking the laws
> If you outlaw magic, you have a low rep with mage faction, no magic used in
> the kings lands without arrest, maybe there are antimagic perks/detractors.
> If  corzin ends up arrested there is an unfinished tower outside of town
> you can complete, corzin is a character you can recruit in the dungeon of
> the palace.
> If magic is NOt banned... Corzin has finished the tower and basically rules
> the kingdom, the castle has become a prison of sorts where the king sits and
> plans the resistance.  The king is recruitable as an amateur mage. Mage
> faction rep is higher.
> If magic is not banned but corzin is arrested, it is a hybrid where corzin
> is in jail but magic is allowed. The king is not recruitable, though and
> remains in power.
> Obviously there are a ton of mini decisions and a lot of content writing,
> but this is just a general outline of one of the potential scenarios
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