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Message: very simple arrangement of a piece called "woodland flowers". thought 
it sounded quasi-pirate-ish, carnaval-ly, etc. maybe could be used for the 
pirate dice login screen or wherever he he. alan i did the seamless loop thing 
i told you about before and this file demonstrates very clearly the carry-over 
at the beginning. when the file starts you can distinctly hear what sounds like 
a digital audio processor clearing its buffer when you first turn it on. this 
is actually the echoes from the final notes that i pasted at the beginning to 
make the loop work nicely.

btw this song is also known as Miss Kenny?\226?\128?\153s, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. 
Kenny, Mrs. Kenny's, Mrs. Kenny's Barn Dance, Shit Cart Polka, The Shit Cart 
Polka, The Smoochi Hornpipe, and The Woodland Flowers Schottische.

remember, february is canned food month and national cherry month. do we get 
extra points for canned cherries?

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A   Audio/Music/_General Submissions/10-02-13 woodland flowers.ogg

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