[project1dev] Re: Paging Dr. Nick

  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 20:51:15 -0700

Kents the one you meant to page hehe

Ok so basically what you want is...

#1 - the wooden walkway above t he chamber needs to be flat before the boss
#2 - after the boss fight at the cave in, it needs to tweak and look like it
does now?

is that right?

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 8:45 PM, Matthew Freeland <mattthefiend@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Ahoy folks,
> I've got an update of sorts for the mechanics of the cave primarily this is
> directed at Mr. Nick for scripting purposes but if anyone has any input or
> ideas feel free to share em!
> I was talking to Eric and Alan a bit in IMs about the Boss Chamber in the
> mines and we decided a good way to handle the jumping area above the chamber
> is to have a cage-style scaffolding tunnel that connects the doors above the
> groundfloor of the room, so I'm going to work on the model for the cage, its
> going to be segmented into tiled sections of the same design, probably about
> 6 or so, I can make you a storyboard for the entire thing or an
> architectural drawing if you are having trouble picturing it. Once the boss
> dies and the cavein happens behind, a few segments of the walkway will break
> with it, leading to the jumping area. Sooooo... with that in mind, we'll
> need a script to make the pieces of walkway fall, as well I was thinking
> about leaving one connected to its chain suspension that can dangle about
> from the ceiling.
> Tell me what you all thing!
> -Wurmz

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