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Yeah that's exactly what I had in mind :) also we could have like alice in 
wonderland style craziness in one of the pages castle or whatnot... Basically 
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hey eric, for something like this, like where you are shrunken, what if this
isn't something you control, like what if some mage lord shrinks you (maybe
the evil mage lord does it to get rid of you and feed you to his cat or
something hehe) so in this case there is magic, but you don't have control
over it?

On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 8:40 AM, <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok my motivation behind the restrictions on magic are as follows: I really
> wanted to move away from the cliche's of fantasy rpg gaming and I also think
> that saturating the game w/ magic sort of... Takes the magic away from it.
>  I wanted the magic that was in the game to feel mysterious and special :P
> That said, I am an absurdist at heart and I also like the idea of shrinking
> and exploring a microworld, weird random stuff happening, wandering
> magicians that do crazy things, etc.
> I have been trying to reconcile the gap between keeping magic magical and
> also having crazy shit happen.
> I think the secret will be to make player/party magic a difficult path to
> pursue and master giving it the aura of being for the elite only.  Also,
> rather than having magic be everywhere and wielded by a lot of people, there
> will be a lot of magic but wielded by a limited number, I was thinking like
> the "4 magi" (open for name suggestions) that are like the accomplished
> mages of the world and all are powerful and have magic-centered minions but
> they also sorta keep to themselves and their own agendas so you run into
> them occasionally but magic by and large doesn't exist.
> My basic plan for this is we could have one evil mage lord, one good one,
> one neutralish one and they all live in their own realms and then probably
> one that wanders around and is crazy.  This is (of course) just the rough
> idea and subject to change but what do you think?
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