[project1dev] Items left for milestone

  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 10:11:45 -0700

Hey Guys,

Figure'd I'd organize things a lil. After we get going a little more I hope
to get a friend of ours to be the producer for our game and do stuff like
this (:

Here's the list of what we have left for the milestone.  Items which are
blocked by other tasks needing to be done first are in red.  Items that
aren't blocked are in blue.

If I'm missing anything, or anything on this list is wrong let me know!

#1 - props for the cave (mining picks, rail cars, piles of rubble, that kind
of stuff)
#2 - lighting pass for the cave: (Waiting for cave to be decorated and
#3 - animation for miners walking around
#4 - animation for miners mining the walls
#5 - animation for boss monster ambushing you
#6 - combat animation for miners in combat (just an idle animation)
#7 - combat animation for boss monster (just an idle animation)
#8 - cave battle arena art (just a 3d backdrop for combat, unless we are ok
with what we have right now)  Probably blocked until we have the cave
decorated with a lighting pass.

*Scripting / Building:*
#1 - finish enemy pathing
#2 - make the cave in things happen after boss fight
#3 - make a stationary mining enemy that doesn't path
#4 - make a boss enemy that ambushes you at the right time
#5 - make a boss combat enemy
#6 - finish walling the cave:  can be done right now, but tedious.  I'm
going to try and get a level editor working this weekend to make this easier
#7 - finish decorating cave:  waiting on art to decorate the cave with
#8 - finish placing monsters
#9 - balance the boss fight.  Waiting on boss to ambush you and a boss enemy
script to be made.
#10 - re balance the combat after all the enemies and boss are placed

#1 - make animated models cast shadows correctly
#2 - make it so models not on screen can still cast shadows on screen so we
don't have shadow "popping"
#3 - should have a basic level editor working

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