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some comments mad dog (my lil bro) had.

to the first questions, yeah - there would be advantages/disadvantages to
both but maybe they both work all the time (so you don't carry both) but
maybe maps require you to take alternate routes depending, or maybe the whip
can have functions like flicking switches that the hook doesnt have.... not
sure on this but something to think about...

re: healing, i also really like the idea of limping to the finish line or
whatnot... some of my most memorable game playing experiences involve
pulling out last second victories or escaping against the odds... i want to
encourage that sort of experience, where the player finishes a level BARELY
and is relieved and wants to celebrate.  However, we will have to balance it
out and it may or may not require healing nodes/magic/items -

also another note on healing is i would say, the main character being vital
to the team means there are special rules w/ him.  personally i hated that
in certain rpgs/strategy games, if hte main character died, you were
Fuxor'ed and had to restart.  The solution to that would be to leave the
hero in the back for fear of him dying.  what kind of hero is that????  in
my mind there are two solutions to this, one - the hero alone has a sort of
health regeneration or healing factor like wolverine, or two - if the hero
dies, the other party members have to Jailbreak him from a node just like if
one of them die.  The player would take over the "2nd in command" and battle
to the node.    I think both choices are ok, what do you guys think?  or do
you think my perspective on healing items/magic is flawed?

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 So like certain parts are accessible if you have say the hookshot as it
would go across a long gap, but some are only for whip coz it wraps around
the support or something like htat, break it down even more?

I also like that its bushido blade style, you get legged you can limp your
ass back!

Nodes are good for dead comrades, but I don’t think healing nodes are good.
You should be skillful enough to get through it without a node, and few
potions to boot. Your not good enough, you can wait for your compadres to
pick your weak ass up.

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like everything else, items and equipment will be a little different than
most rpg's... basically there will be two types of items in the game, items
for overworld exploration and equipment for combat/stat stuff.

let's break it down:

overworld items would be things like lanterns, torches (can we currently do
dynamic lighting with moving light sources?  does anyone else see this as
being potentially AWESOME for atmosphere... i can see it invoking tension
and fear going into a dark cave with a lantern, not knowing what you'll bump
into...) also we will have some sort of implementation that will allow for
traveling accross gaps, etc. (think indy's whip, link's hookshot) i'm not
sure what though, i really like grappling hooks and whips maybe we can have
both and theyd both have strengths/weaknesses that would let the player
choose what they kept with them based on their characters stats/personal
playing style/magic ability.  Magic will also have a rope/whip like function
w/ telekenesis (or maybe levitation)... i am sure there are more we could
have, and we will probably bump into new ideas while we're building levels
(like... oh, itd be cool if we needed a ____ to get through this part)

and now...


ok a major pet peeve of mine is that in games, how strong you are is
basically defined by the fancy equipment you are equipped with.  FALSE. this
is ridiculous.  If you gave Conan a run of the mill steel sword, he'll still
cut you in half with it.  I LIKE SPECIAL WEAPONS but again, this is a less
is more thing... 1 magic sword is unique, many becomes ho-hum.  strength of
attack will be heavily influenced by skill and physical attributes of the
attacker, so a great warrior will still be great with a mediocre weapon, a
poor warrior will still be poor with a magical blade.  its not what you
have, its what you do w/ what you have (although yeah for sure, a great
warrior gets an ancient magic blade and it's on like donkey kong... but lets
make it a challenge for this to happen.) Another major issue i have is that
in RPG's, everyone wears big heavy armor and it doesnt affect how they move
or attack.  In this game, the characters are on adventures.  It is pretty
hard to run, jump, climb, etc. while wearing full plate armor.  Combat will
be balanced so that light armor, small weapons, etc.  are all viable forms
of combat that don't really handicap the user.  Heavy armor can be used but
there will be a cost - a character cannot wear chainmail and expect to
hide/abush in combat, it'll be hard to swing across ropes, etc.  everything
that makes logical sense.  equipment, stats and skills will be interwoven
and influence one another... this is how we will balance things out and let
people make their own classes without letting characters get overpowered.
Ideally, I think the game should be able to be played using an number of
character styles/classes.  Want to be a big barbarian swordsman w/ light
leather armor and no magic? fine.  Want to be a standard adventuring rogue?
thats fine too.  Mage? great, hop on board.  Mage-knight?  COol but you'll
have to earn that extra power and sacrifice something to make it work.  Want
to beat the game as a happy go lucky mime? well maybe this isnt the game for
you, take a hike.

Furthermore, i hate the idea of our characters running around with 1000
herbs or whatever.  i want there to be a lot of neat items and stuff but i
would say we should have more "wearable" things and less just random junk on
us at all times... my gf needs something from her purse and it takes 10
minutes to dig through all that shit.  less is more!  we're adventuring, not
having a tea-party.  I don't want the standard HP going up up up and healing
items being so important to long trips into dungeons, i would say less HP,
less getting hit, more penalty for getting hit.  I envision it like
america's army (the fps game) where if you get hit, you're injured and
theres first aid but that stops the bleeding and helps but doesnt
automatically bring you back up.  I'm not a personal fan of healing
items/magic being so intrinsic through rpg's ... theres a better way and we'
should find it :)  we could actually borrow from the L4D model where its
about survival and we could have temporary boost items, and maybe a healing
node in various spots (maybe the healing node and jailbreak node for dead
comrades is one and the same, we could work on mythology involving that)

next up... party members and recruiting - stay tuned!



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