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  • From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:12:27 -0400

a quick note - things like team chemistry/inspiration/momentum would be like
potential system: mostly passive in the background (though people like
chris' character may have special abilities directly influenced by it) and
people could ignore it if they wanted or embrace it and learn about it to
enhance their group if they wanted.

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 9:02 AM, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> im currently @ work right not but have a couple quick questions and
> thoughts...
> how would you say his power has influenced his personality? it seems to me
> that someone whose positive outlook on things can affect the world around
> him and inspire others can also negatively affect the world if he is sad or
> disapointed.  Is that what you had in mind, especially in regards to this
> "The events around him constantly affect his confidence because bad things
> are happening to him" ?
> also, i can see how living a charmed life due to the positive reaction
> other people have when they are around him (as well as events going his way)
> would lead to him being arrogant, but what made him distant to protect
> himself and humble amongst more knowledgable people?  Has he learned
> humility through a horrible event where maybe his ego lead him astray?
> What setting do you envision this character originating from? Did you have
> a story idea in mind?
> I can see your idea of "creation energy" being a more passive ability,
> things would "go his way" and also go the way of the group around him, with
> the more willpower he has strengthening this ability.  I am a huge believer
> that being positive has a powerful influence on the way a person handles
> problems, and arises to challenges, and it would be really awesome if we
> could express this sort of thing statistically in the game with a momentum
> system (think about in basketball when a player is "on fire" and hits every
> shot they put up) where when they are "on" they would pretty much dominate.
> Another thing I am a big believer in is team chemistry, where the sum
> becomes more than the parts -- other games have systems built in like this
> (gemstone, diablo 2) with "auras" that give boosts to other characters in
> the party.  Sometimes these are magic based (in gemstone, they are warcries
> where the warrior inspires those around him) but not always.  I actually
> think its possible the "creation energy" is something real that we can feel
> in real life, so maybe this isn't something supernatural but just part of
> the human spirit and what makes being alive so beautiful.  I definitely
> think we should have a system where certain combinations of characters
> creates a special synergy (like say, two swordsmen have a special bond and
> it makes them both better when they fight together) as well as characters
> that inspire the group on their own (through great leadership or positive
> influence - of which your character would be the poster child).  I know
> suikoden has a system like that sort of where certain combinations of
> characters get special attacks, etc.
> Like I stated in the beginning, I think team chemistry is vital - in
> anything you do.  The right amount of good people together that have faith
> in their cause can rise above what they can do individually.  This is
> "magic" but not in the conventional fantasy sense - its REAL magic and
> creates REAL magical experiences - victories against the odds, causes good
> things to happen when things are the darkest, etc.  This is a system i'd
> love to put in and would probably tie directly in with this character... Is
> this in line w/ what you are thinking his abilties would be?
> On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 7:41 AM, Chris Riccobono <crysalim@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Character writeup
>> potential name: Azerius
>> themes: creation energy, epiphany, believes in the supernatural but is
>> not theistic, can use magic (as Eric defined earlier on) but can't
>> control it
>> age: 23 (might be changed to 19, depending on how important the character
>> is)
>> personal traits: intelligent and slightly egotistical, but humble
>> before those who are smarter than him, and seeks knowledge.  loves to
>> explore on his own in caves and forests, since it gives him a feeling
>> of nostalgia as a child.  comes off cold to protect himself
>> background and introduction: Azerius is a boy who tends to excel in
>> everything he is passionate about, but cannot focus on anything.  The
>> events around him constantly affect his confidence because bad things
>> are happening to him, and this is shifting his view of the world, but
>> he has a tiny spark of hope deep inside for things to not completely
>> be ruined.
>> He is a user of "creation energy", which is roughly defined as the
>> ability to incite positive events and actions through his will.  At
>> first he does not know he has this ability, and the player will not be
>> shown/told this either - it will only come out through character
>> development.  Implementations of this idea will be the basis of his
>> character.
>> A note: creation energy itself can be compared to good spirit spread
>> amongst people.  When someone is happy, they feel a flash of
>> inspiration and creativity, and this comes from a specific type of
>> energy that no one understands.  Certain people in the world know that
>> this energy exists, and attempt to harness it via magical means, but
>> no one can flat out control it (that would be plot development for his
>> character later on)

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