[project1dev] Area 1 theme

  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 11:26:21 -0700

Hey Kent,

Here's what I was thinking for prettying it up, what do you think, does this
jive with what you were picturing?

I figured the cave would be a mining tunnel, so like the walls and floors
would be mostly geometric but would have some variation so it wasnt just
straight lines and stuff obviously hehe

There'd be tracks from the entry way leading down to the square area (that's
where the boss will be right?) and maybe some mining machinery in there. (oh
and the tracks would branch to go down some of those blind tunnels and
there'd be like, minecarts chilling down some of those tunnels, and rubble
from a cave in inside of some of the tunnels too).

I figure the enemies could be basically like the kobold miners from WOW
haha.  I'm not sure if they fight you if you bump into them, or if it's that
if you get close to them (or they see you) that they charge at you to
fight.  What you think?

Anyhow, I think the boss could be some big buff guy, like the boss of the
miners maybe.

You fight him, he gets pissed off when he loses (we could do that thing like
"ow my nose!" or make him say other shit etc haha) and he runs around in a
circle smashing into some stuff and that's what causes the cave in.  Maybe
some rubble actually falls and closes the path that you came into the cave
through.  Also, there's some struts holding a platform in the air (the path
above the square area) and when the cave in starts they break apart and get
bent / broken like they are how you have them.

So you run out the back side of that square area (more mine cart tracks
leading up there) and the miners are kinda running around like chickens with
their heads cut off panicing, you fight through them, jump across the broken
struts, into the exit tunnel, fight your way through there and exit the
tunnel into daylight where as soon as you go out, maybe there's a big puff
of dust (particle effects) and the way through is closed by boulders.

So i guess decoration of the cave would include stuff like...

* rails for mine cars
* mine carts, maybe with junk inside them
* kobold miners (we could rip off gemstone 3 and have them be mining dirt
lol... kobolds are so dumb)
* wooden supports for the mine shafts
* boulders and "cave in" walls of rock
* lanterns hanging from the wooden supports
* struts and a cat walk above the large area where the boss is
* a couple peices of random mining machinery and pick axes layin on the

How's that sound?

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