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Thanks for your feedback and encouragement, Jackie.

Let me make sure you have a full WinDig installation, since the
documentation tries to answer some of your questions.  The installer is
available at
The documentation is displayed at the end of installation, and is also
available from a shortcut in the WinDig program group of the Windows
Start Menu.  By default, the full path of this file is
C:\Program Files\WinDig\WinDig.txt

A couple of paragraphs are quoted below.  Let me know if you have
further questions.


For the technically curious, WinDig is developed with the WinBatch
compiler (from and the AutoIT library (from  For the MSAA analysis, the main program invokes
another program written in the PowerBasic language (from  Located in the WinDig program folder, the complete
source code is in the files WinDig.wbt and msaa.bas.


The third category is "Menus."  It is a list of all items available from
the menu bar and subsequent menus.  The list uses an outline numbering
system so you can understand the hierarchy of the menus.  On the same
line after the outline number are other pieces of information about the
menu item separated by tabs:  the name, access letter, hot key, state,
and ID.  Each menu item has a name, but the other pieces of data ar not
necessarily present.  The ID is a number that may be useful in
automating an application with scripts, since a menu item can be invoked
by its ID using the SendMessage function of the Windows API.

On Tue, 30
Oct 2007, Jackie McBride wrote:

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> Subject: winDig
> I'm guessing Jamal wrote this so:
> 1)  What language was it written in? &
> 2)  What do the numbers mean, per the following as an example:
> 1.1   New...  N       Ctrl+N  2
> What does the 2 mean?
> Great little program, btw--thanks for it & for your contributions to
> the blind programming community as a whole.  If u think a reply would
> be better offlist, that's fine--I just thought others may share the
> same questions.
> Blessings to all.
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