Re: web-design … where does one start?

  • From: David Tseng <davidct1209@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 13:54:48 -0700

Most sites have some kind of multi column layout. The navigation
bar/menu's placement has no standardized slot or alignment. You can
place it vertically on the left or right of a page or horizontally on
the top (or I guess even the bottom ) of a page.

With respect to standards, you have many of them specified by various
W3C specs, working groups, DOM3, ecmascript, etc etc. You get a
standard set of widgets in html, an extension of them in html5, a few
more additions in aria, etc.

You're pretty much only restricted by these building blocks on what
you can create. This is similar to how windows app's need not have
title bars, or even menu bars if the app developer took the time to
custom build everything. It's just far easier to do that using

On 9/18/11, Florian-achtige <florianbeijers@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> In windows applications it is often a bit more standardized. Titlebar,
> below that menubar, and so forth. But what is the standard structure
> for a website?
> I ask because next year a part of my studies will involve designing a
> passable website. I don't think the ' i'm blind'  card will get me out
> of it and frankly I don't want it to. This is why I asked if perhaps
> people have some insights.
> I know of the blind webbers groups …but i strongly dislike yahoo!
> groups so I decided to ask here, first.
> Florian
> 2011/9/18, David Tseng <davidct1209@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> It's the age old question of how a blind person can write a visually
>> appealing user interface (or at least one's that's passable).
>> I would probably start by grabbing a good book on html/js/CSS. There
>> are ways, for example, to specify in code how things are layed out
>> relative to each other. Think of laying out things in a grid for
>> example all done in markup.
>> Another route to take is just using a CMS in which you can just build
>> upon a template (presumably made by a sighted individual).
>> On 9/18/11, Florian-achtige <florianbeijers@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I am, and have always been, fully blind. I have the ambition of being
>>> able to write at least passable websites when it comes to the
>>> design/visual aspect. I understand that you are usually advised to
>>> have a sighted person check your layout before you go live with it,
>>> but how do you know where to begin? I have always seen websites from
>>> the JAWS perspective, I have no idea on what side the menu should be,
>>> or the content, what shape, font? That kind of thing. Where do I go to
>>> find out such things?
>>> Florian
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