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Do you have to do the accessibility testing yourself, or are you also looking for corporate solutions as well?

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Hello James,
I should have mentioned that I'm totally blind. I have no way I can think of to check web pages to seeif they:

1 remain independant of color,
and 2. Stay Independent of Style Sheets.
I'm looking for tools and resources to do this accessibility testing, any help is very much appreciated.
Thanks again.


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Hi Robby,
For color independence, you will get a clue when you see things like
"required fields in read," "emphasis in yellow," or some other phrasing
like that. For style sheets, the site needs to be 508 compliant when style sheets are off. The procedure to disable style sheets is different for each
browser you use. Final advice, make sure you understand what problems are
truly 508, which ones are usability, and which ones are your possible lack
of knowledge on how to use a screen reader, assuming you use one.



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can do it just right."

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Hello Listers,
I've been asked to do an accessibility - section 508 evaluation of a web
site.  My question is, how can I test a page to see if it:
1.)    "Remain Independent of Color" and 2.) "Stay Independent of Style

Are there any tools I can use to do this?
Any help on this would be appreciated.
Also, if there are any resources on web accessibility testing, please let

Thank you.

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