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Hello Léonie,
I'll give this tool a try.


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For a foreground/background colour pair to show good contrast, they
should pass tests for colour difference and brightness. The W3C provides two
algorithms for working these out.

Essentially, a colour pair  must return a score of 500 or higher for
colour difference and a score of 125 or higher for brightness. HP propose a
slightly more lenient score of 400 for colour brightness, which is perfectly

There are several online tools you can use to test two colours,
providing you have the hex colour codes. There's one on my site:

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Hello Listers,
I've been asked to do an accessibility - section 508 evaluation of a web
site.  My question is, how can I test a page to see if it:
1.)    "Remain Independent of Color" and 2.) "Stay Independent of Style

Are there any tools I can use to do this?
Any help on this would be appreciated.
Also, if there are any resources on web accessibility testing, please let me

Thank you.

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