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        You've listed some excellent resources there. It's worth knowing
that automated tools such as Cynthia Says and WebXact can only test a very
small proportion of the recognised guidelines. There are 65 checkpoints
under the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, but only 5 can be
accurately checked with an automated tool. All the rest require manual input
of some kind.

        508 is a sub set of WCAG, but even so an automated check will not
return a complete picture. Automated tests are ideal for providing a top
line indication. If a site fails an automated check, you can be certain that
it fails to meet the success criteria. What you can't be certain of, is
whether a page that passes an automated check actually has met all the
required success criteria.

The following article gives more on the background for this:


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Currently, I think the best, free online tool for web page testing is at

A free PDF book called "Understanding Accessibility" is available from a
related site at

In my opinion, the best HTML-based instruction on Section 508 web standards
is at

An excellent, all-around site on this subject is


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