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Is this a Webpage or you working in or Not sure that makes a 
diference but well could. What you are trying to do sounds like Simple 
DataBinding. I'll take a look into some syntax when I know what language you 
are working in.
In the meantime, look at Simple DataBinding. That isn't really simple but means 
you bind one field in a table to one thingy like a Textbox or Label control.
Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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  I have a sqlDatasource connected to a database.  I also have a textbox.  I 
need to get the information from the datasource, from one field of a table, and 
have it fill the textbox.  I thought about using a dataBinding thing but 
discovered that the textbox doesn't have a binding method.  How else might I 
populate a textbox named txtMessage with a Subject field from a dataset named 
SqlDataSource1.  Thanks!


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