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it also depends on who, or where your going to work, if for yourself, and you wish to hand code everything, then fine go ahead.

if you want to type out the code for every control, its position, and its properties that's your choice.

me I'll let the IDE do the grunt work and worry about getting the main operational code right, with the IDE helping me all the way through.

now... if your in a corporate/team environment, your not likely to have that leisure available to you, since you could have between one to a dozen or more folks putting there noses and fingers into the work, and unwilling to Waite while you translate it for them. plus the fact that it is possible with the Visual IDE for different programmers, working in different languages to work together, and work on the same project without fouling each other up due to the differing languages.

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While I hear this from folks I have worked in both environments. It is the folks who do not know how to use the IDE that say it is not much faster, more accurate and productive. For example: If I wanted to build the necessary code to enable my TableAdapters and DataSet strongly typed variables and methods it might take me 5,000 lines of code for my DataBase.
I can do it with a couple of clicks in the IDE.
If I want to build 4 or 5 forms or webpages with MenuBars, several DataBase Bound controls and some Dynamic GridViews or Detail Views, it might take a hundred lines of code and 50 or 100 clicks to put them in place and wire them up. That would include setting color properties, control default characteristics and various events.
It might take you 2,000 lines of code to do the same.
So, I can set up this project in about 200 to 500 lines of code and a hundred clicks or so not having to look up anything in any documentation if I don't want to. To code it by hand would take you about 7,000 lines of code, you would have to look up every technical that you did not have memorized or try and find relevant code snipets to copy, past and modify. You would also have to figure out all your DataBase fields, set up all your sql statements, wire up your TableAdapters and hand code, after finding, the events and properties to make the whole thing work.
I could finish the project in a day. How long would it take you?
Rick USA
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