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A wag here, visual studio has an immediate mode or window in it.  Might
there be some way to shut this off and force Microsoft to delay error output
until a developer was ready to look at it?  If not, vbnc may really be the
way to go.

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Yes, but I want to write the interface and everything in code, not fight
with jaws to get the items I want, press enter on one of them, then have the
errors list come up every time I pause in typing for more than one second.
This and other issues are why I do not like using VS to do anything.

Have a great day,

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>Alex you first design your user interface then write the code for
each user
>interface element.  You'll also need to declare any classes, and
stuff like

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>Hi all,
>Is there any way to write the entire text of a vb program? A friend of 
>mine is in a class for vb and I am looking at his stuff since I want to 
>learn vb; people say it is good for sound game devolopment.  The class 
>uses visual studio, which I really hate!!
>Is there any way that I can just write vb code in a text file and run 
>it? The project made by VS does not seem to have just a single code 
>file, like c# would.  Am I missing something, or is this how vb is 
>supposed to work, with no code and only clicking and adjucing 
>properties with a gui to "code" a program?

>Have a great day,
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