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What do you use to read XML?  I tried it with ie7 yesterday and got told my
style sheet isn't up to the task.

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I also use a folder in my Documents Folder to hold code snipets. I have
folders for ASP, Winforms SQL Server, COM and some other major categories. 
Within each folder I have language or process dependent folders like
C# now a CPlusPlus and other folders with enums errors etc...
Inside them I have other folders and files that hold snipets as I develop
them from my production code. I have samples of manually binding to
DataViews, loading and accessing various display controls like lists,
TreeViews and other complex bindable tools. Even complete tutorials on
manually creating a DataBase or setting up Website Security. I use a simple
index over each text file holding many snipets using basic xml notation
like<ListBox: Iterate Using For Each> as an entry in the index. And, in the
code put <ListBox: Iterate Using For Each> and </ListBox: Iterate Using For 
Each> to wrap that snipet. This way I can find what I want pretty 
Each> easily. It
is just one of my methods so don't think I am pushing it. It works for me is
all and allows me to dig up a snipet if I see a question I have anything on
when responding to a e-list request or need something in a project.
I just mention it because the Folder, directory if you prefer, structure
works and the use of an index over the many coding snipets in a single text
document for a given control like the DataGridView can get long to just try
and cursor through.
Rick USA
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>A very good example. Perhaps the methods are a little unorthidox to the 
>outside observer, (some of my fellow students I work with a lot are 
>often remarking on my interesting pickiness over snipets and the like), 
>but let's not lose sight of the fact that, like it or not, a blind 
>programmer is interacting with his environment differently in one way 
>or the other. I'd hypothesize it mostly comes down to what you can get 
>your brain to process more or less autonomously  so that whatever the 
>environment you're using, it's not the central point of your focus--that's
on your actual project.
> Jared
> On 3/27/2009 6:04 AM, DaShiell, Jude T. CIV NAVAIR 1490, 1, 26 wrote:
>> One thing I'm now doing is keeping all my snippets in test.vb.  When 
>> a snippet gets to working as intended, it gets copied into real code 
>> in another file but then it gets commented out inside of test.vb.  
>> Then I put documentation lines describing what that snippet does 
>> above the snippet in test.vb and rather than just use (') to start 
>> those documentation lines I use ('').  That way I can tell real code 
>> from comments and I don't have to use that line of stars convention 
>> to separate all of it!  When I don't know how something will work as 
>> well as if something will work, I put it in test.vb and do a compile 
>> run sequence on it and find out.  If it breaks, it didn't harm my 
>> real code when that happened.
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>> Good points, and it really is about finding where you work best. I do 
>> my best at rapid code generation with a combination of snipets, 
>> little helper programs I've written, and a growing library of 
>> templates or starter code to work from. I always make sure I can 
>> navigate my language's reference in an efficient manner and use code 
>> straight out of the reference tweaked to fit the program rather than 
>> typing it all from scratch again when possible. I find this puts me 
>> in a similar, but not identical, position to someone working with an 
>> IDE who already has a lot of their workspace defined for them and 
>> still gives me the intimate understanding of my code that I think I 
>> only get in a text edited environment. But whatever environment gets 
>> stuff done for a particular individual is probably the one they 
>> should use. I just had to say something after hearing of the IDE 
>> being declared as the end all, must have programming environment, 
>> which I do not feel is the case. I don't doubt that it could be the 
>> optimal environment for some minds and ways of working though.
>> Jared
>> On 3/26/2009 7:20 PM, Ken Perry wrote:
>> Actually one thing about the IDE that if you're going to work in 
>> multiple languages just cannot be done in anything else is the 
>> intelesense.
>> Once you
>> get used to it there is no going back.  It gives you a leg up on 
>> speed when I first learned c and c++ I had to memorize every little 
>> method in every class and every function in every library.  That or 
>> have files and files of reference texts that I could search through 
>> using grep.  When I took up VB and C# in Visual Studio I didn't have 
>> to know anything about the language and I very quickly could write 
>> software because the intelesence pretty much popped up everything I 
>> needed as long as I knew something about programming and could type 
>> my variable name and put a dot after it.  Not to mention the fact 
>> that if your coding in an interface it creates all the method stubs 
>> for you which really goes a long way in not letting you make a lot of 
>> beginner typeos.
>> So while I started out and still do code with out the IDE it sure is 
>> nice to relax and let the IDE do a lot of the work when I can.
>> Ken
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>> Rick is certainly entitled to his thoughts on the issue, but for the
>> sake of hearing the other side I'll say that I get along just fine 
>> without the IDE. Now I'm sure the situations scale a little higher 
>> than the ones I'm in at the moment, but certainly I've done work on 
>> fairly complex, team-based software development projects using the 
>> .net framework. It's all about finding the environment that is 
>> comfortable to your personal nuances and habits, I think. The IDE may 
>> be an option for some, but I must disagree with its being a 
>> necessity.
>> Jared
>> On 3/26/2009 1:57 PM, Ricks Place wrote:
>> Hi Alex:
>> Did you set up your IDE for working with a Screen Reader and make use 
>> of the JAWS Scripts?
>> If you are going to do any real programming you will need to work in 
>> an IDE. There is just too much complexity and too many lines of code 
>> to work in a Text Editor  for anything but a small demo project.
>> How are you going to handle any Interop or SDK technicals?
>> What about
>> DataBase, DataSets and Forms or Pages if you want to work on the net?
>> Are you going to wire up all the web.config or app.config settings by 
>> hand?
>> If you want to play around a little your plan is fine. If you are 
>> going to work on any real projects or do any work at an educational 
>> institution you need to learn how to make the IDE work to your 
>> satisfaction. That can be done.
>> Rick USA
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