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  • From: Alex Hall <mehgcap@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:13:31 -0400

I have the scripts running on VS2008 (not the express edition). What do you mean by configuring the ide for a screen reader?

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Hi Alex:
Did you set up your IDE for working with a Screen Reader and make
use of the
JAWS Scripts?
If you are going to do any real programming you will need to work
in an IDE.
There is just too much complexity and too many lines of code to
work in a
Text Editor  for anything but a small demo project.
How are you going to handle any Interop or SDK technicals? What
DataBase, DataSets and Forms or Pages if you want to work on the
Are you going to wire up all the web.config or app.config
settings by hand?
If you want to play around a little your plan is fine. If you
are going to
work on any real projects or do any work at an educational
institution you
need to learn how to make the IDE work to your satisfaction.
That can be
Rick USA

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