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Hi Jim: Actually, I'm not sure. Inthane or one of the guys have it I think. It is a short set of tutorials I wrote for one particular programmer but I saved them in case they would help others. They are not complete and I actually had to help him understand concepts like horizontal and vertical outside of the tutorials but I still have them. I will send them in my next post as a group of attachments if anyone wants them as they now stand. I will use this subject line and attach them in my next post in a few minutes.

Rick USA
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Hi Rick,
Where is your tutorial?


Jim Homme,
Usability Services,
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First, Brent, have you read my tutorials on the subject of positioning
Winforms controls manually and using the Layout Table control?
As for VS 2008 accessibility, it is almost identical to VS 2005 from an
accessibility standpoint. I use Windoweyes and have found work-arounds for
anything that was not particularly accessible under that IDE. Like VS 2005
it depends on the settings in the Options Menu Tree under the Tools menu bar
that determine how the IDE will act with a screen reader. If you are
familiar with 2005 you should have no problems with 2008 in my opinion. I
can not speek to the JAWS scripts since I do not use them.
Working in, VWD  and Sql Server are what I do mostely and use most of
the built-in UI controls, Data and Formatting Wizards and even some of the
Designers with no problems.
I have used the various Tool Bar controls in, mentioned in the other
post, The Table Designer for my Databases and advanced XSD and Configuration
processing, and, well if you have other questions just ask since there are
over 1,000 diferent windows and what not in the IDE providing many, many
development functions.
Rick USA
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Are there good blind-friendly tutorials out there for it like there were
in the days of 2003? I know that when I was in a training program for the
blind, this computer guy thought it might be fun, and he was kind of
right, to play with that old tutorial on making a menu bar, maybe it did
one other little thing, but things aren't at all the same any more trying
to follow any of that old stuff. I tried following it with 05 express
since I didn't have 2003 like that school did, not only did the scripts
not work real well, everything's different about it. Is this a good
language to start with, assuming I don't really want to deal with bogging
my machine down with virtual machines and Orca with crappy sound that
locks up in them a lot? I never got the whole pixel coordinate thing how
much space each thing takes up, maybe there's an automatic mode by now?

Finally, will I mess up my system uninstalling 2005 and grabbing 08?

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Subject: urgent: help required, 2008

hey everyone,
writing here after long, hope you all are in great wellbeings.

folks, due to some reasons, i'd have to upgrade to 2008 now.
i have been successfully working with c# and 2005, but due to
some compulsions i'd have to switch it to 2008.
i have never worked with it before, those who have worked, are
requested to kindly guide me, if it is accessible or not?
can i independently work on it like 2005?
what are the things which are different in terms of accessibility?
do we have any jaws script for the 2008?

whatever else that one should take care while switching it, and
working with 2008.
 kindly tell me, i'll be greatful.

an early response is highly appreciated, kindly help this novis.

sameer manohtra.
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