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hmmm, no, but I had... and can check to see if it is still in my files, a telnet client that worked well when I tried it for using muds, and I have played several online games that are written PHP, like, my main one was black nova traders, which evolved to several other versions but last I checked all were reasonably accessible.

and I have the URL for an on line fantasy game that has had it's owners work with the blind to make it accessible where ever they can, and were quite enthusiastic about doing so.

if your interested, I'll check for that client, and will post the URL in a post for you.

the elf
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Hi all --
My nephew has been trying to get me to join in a game of trade wars that
they have running on his server. He thought it would be accessible since I
can get the data in ascii form, but there is a gui interface to trade wars
called SWATH that could cut down on the verbage -- i.e., using the
interactive, line interface I have to sit through all the verbage of stats
every time I make a move.
Question: I hear a lot on the various lists about MUD's that are
accessible -- has anyone on the list ever played trade wars, and have you
used SWATH?
I have connected to my nephew's server and tried using the line/ascii
interface but that is quite slow. I have also downloaded SWATH.exe, and am
going to install it, but I wanted to run the question by the list to see if
anyone else can comment.
TIA and happy hacking.

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