Re: tips for in visual studio?

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Ok, really silly question but what is VWD? Something related to using visual studio, or is this some kind of separate thing? All I have right now is VS 2008, and the jaws scripts that I got from the empowerment zone website.

And Rick, I have very little experience with database things, but in this class we're making heavy use of that, so yeah, I'm scrambling. Fortunately for this particular program, the database and bindings are already set, but I don't think that will be the case later on. I have fairly decent html knowledge, basic programming skills and only a long ago small introduction to css.

That said, your tips have already helped a lot, I've at least been able to get my elements added in and somewhat working. Getting there, slowly.

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Varun, I agree with avoiding that Forms Designer. It works somewhat with the mouse keys in Windoweyes. That said, VWD makes everything available through the HTML or Code Editors so it is accessible without messing with the Forms
Designer. Perhaps in VWD 2010 Microsoft and Windoweyes, or JAWS, will put
the new UIA Accessibility hooks to good use with the Forms Designer and a
coupld of other Designers like some of the Dataset  or Database Designers
that have things that are hither unusable or dificult to use with a screen
Rick USA

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