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  • Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 18:30:56 -0500

Hey Jackie -- my question then is, how do I backup my address book, email 
and other application data that is not in my documents? -- oh but in a 
system backup, aren't these files supposed to be left untouched?
norton has its problems. I hope it is worth the $$ in keeping bugs out.

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U would avoid these errors entirely if you'd simply put all the files
u wish to back up under the "my documents" folder. It makes backing up
your critical data a whole lot easier. It's not so much a norton
problem as it is a windows problem, in that windows cannot back up
live files, e.g., files that are being used.

On 4/15/09, tribble <lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all --
> For some time now, every so often,  I have been getting the following 
> error
> screen when the system tries to run a backup.  Obviously the clash is due 
> to
> a norton utility running, but I don't know what app is using the file and 
> so
> can't shut it down to proceed with the backup.
> If I shut down everything but jaws it still stops in the same place.  If I
> choose to skip that file and continue, it happens again for another 8 or 
> so
> files before the backup runs to completion.
> I usually just abort the backup altogether  rather than waiting  to skip 
> all
> the stopping points.Does anyone have any idea what norton utility this is
> that I could close to get rid of these errors?
> Thanks.
> Rescue and Recovery
> Rescue and Recovery is unable to back up the file 'C:\Documents and
> Settings\All Users\Application
> Data\Norton\00000082\000000fb\000002bf\cltLMS1.dat' because the file is
> either corrupted or being used by another application.
> Please close any application that could be using the file.
> To try backing up the file again, click Retry.
> To bypass this file and continue the backup operation, click Skip.
> To abort the backup, click Cancel.
> Retry Skip Cancel
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