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  • From: "qubit" <lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 13:39:27 -0500

Thanks, I just tried executing openssh and it wasn't found. But I'll see if 
I can download it somewhere.
Little nits can take so much time. I appreciate the info!

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Cygwin does have an Openssh package. I have no experience with it, but 
here's the information from setup.ini:
sdesc: "The OpenSSH server and client programs"
ldesc: "OpenSSH is a program for logging into a remote machine and for
executing commands on a remote machine.  It can replace rlogin and rsh,
providing encrypted communication between two machines."
category: Net
requires: bash coreutils crypt csih cygrunsrv cygwin diffutils editrights 
gawk g
rep libopenssl098 zlib libwrap0 libgcc1 libssp0 libedit0
version: 5.5p1-2
install: release/openssh/openssh-5.5p1-2.tar.bz2 759479 
source: release/openssh/openssh-5.5p1-2-src.tar.bz2 877206 

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 12:55:05 -0500, qubit wrote:
> Hi all --
> My needs are simple: I need a workable ssh client to run on my windows box
> and exchange files with a remote linux site with my login on it.
> I feel like I'm going crazy. I looked for openssh and found a page for it,
> which led me to winscp, which sounded like what I wanted, but I can't get 
> it
> into a state I can work with.  What I'd really like is not something like
> telnet or sftp, but rather a bash shell that I can run remotely.
> I haven't done this in a while and need someone to jog my memory as to 
> what
> tools are best for doing this.  I understand that MSYS and MinGW have an 
> ssh
> command that works, but I have MSYS set up and it can't find ssh.  I also
> have cygwin set up, bu it also has no ssh.
> I considered putty, but thought I'd ask the list first.  How many trees do 
> I
> have to bark at before I find the right command?  Someone please post a
> note. Thanks in advance!
> --le
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