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Tried that google desk top, and its crap! it slows down the computer by indexing, and every time you add something to the harddrive, it goes back to indexing the whole system again.

At 09:12 AM 10/12/2007, you wrote:
Someone told me that Google Desktop or whatever it's called works well for
this. Also try OneNote from MS and Infopath from MS. I don't know how
accessible they are though. Another program floating around out there is
called TreePad Light. It's not a file organizer, but I think you   can put
paths to files in it that you can then press Control+H on to open. They
make a paid version of that program that has a lot more features. You can
have a look at I used to have another program
called Keynote that helps organize information. It is less accessible than
Treepad, but still works well. Keynote is like Treepad, but has a
multi-tabbed interface, which means that instead of opening multiple files,
you keep your stuff in one file I believe. See





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I think we are not thinking of the same thing here. What I mean by a CMS
windows, is a program written in C# (or whatever language), that helps a
person organize all of their documents, files, audio or whatever it is that
they want to index, reference and/or catalog. The whole idea (at least the
basic bare bones idea) of it is to have a file like test.doc for example.
You can then give it a title, keywords to search for and all of that sort
stuff. I am sort of interested in one of these types of things. Unless
something like this is a waste of time...

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I don't recommend any WYSIWYG content management system, because all of

are not accessible.

I found a few that allow us to type the html code in the textarea, but they

are bad also, because all the CMS I tried create a bad HTML code.


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good morning to all,

a friend of mine who can see aksed me about a content management system
that is known to produce accessbile web pages. so do you have any hint
for me? is there also a cms that's code is not accessible and you
wouldn't recommend it?

thanks for any information,
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