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  • Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 17:32:55 -0500

Got the problem sorted, thanks! Now it doesn't like my "die()" call (inside a loop) and it is messing up my arrays completely. I have never had good luck with this language though, and if I cannot get the other problems fixed, I will write more specific questions to the list. Thanks again.

Have a great day,

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Good afternoon Alex,
Please find an example below. I had this code saved in a file


This code is for a simple html page with a select box and a
submit button.

2. When the user submits the form the form is posted back to the
same page.

3. You'll notice that there is a php code segment between the
first level
heading and the form. This code first checks to see if the form
field that
we are using has a value and then echos the result to the

4.  If you are still getting a parse error then you may have some
configuration problem with your php or server.

select.php :

<title>Select PHP Example</title

<h1>Select PHP Example</h1


if (isset($_POST['lstSelect']))
echo "<div>";
echo "The value is: " .  $_POST['lstSelect'];
echo "</div>";

<form name="frmExample" action="select.php" method="post"
<select name="lstSelect"
<option value="1">Apple</option
<option value="2">Pear</option
<option value="3">Orange</option
<input type="submit" value="Show Select Value" /

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