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  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 17:12:18 -0400

What type of programming are you planning?
If you are planning on doing Visual Web Developer programming in vb then there 
is a series being put up on the Blind Geeks website. 
The series is not for raw beginners but for folks with a little experience in and who have a basic understanding of the Sql Server Database. 
The series is mostely a how to series. The reader is expected to do their 
homework looking up things they might not understand but can get help and 
support on the Blind Geeks e-list.
The articles will be updated to reflect any enhancements added by readers if 
deemed helpful to other new readers. 
Help and Support is offered through the Blind Geeks e-list.
The article series is under way but not posted yet. If there is interest I will 
post the current articles there. The current set of articles includes building 
a site, Building a simple StarTrek Database using VWD, Testing the Dtabase 
using Sql Server Management Studio and building a Webpage to display the 
contents of the Database in a Master / Details page using 2 DropDown lists. One 
for the list of various Star Trek series and the details for the episodes for 
each series.
It also uses Themes and a CSS StyleSheet. 
There are more basic articles on building a Website that I may encorporate into 
the StarTrek series including how to set up the VWD IDE so it is more screen 
reader friendly and more basic discussions about the objects used in creating a 
You would need to be good with jaws or WindowEyes and, as mentioned, have a 
basic understanding of how programming works in a language like using 
classes, methods and a little about Database Tables and rows.
Rick USA

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