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you might want to take this chance to get your jaws upgraded, I do believe that jaws 8 works better with the vs IDE's than does jaws 6, and you will need the scripts for VS 2005-2008 that are available from my grab bag site (see URL under my name) and can benefit from other materials there for the VS IDE's there as well.

good luck,
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It will work well with all .net 2003 languages, very well with all
.net 2005 languages, expectedly well with all .net 2008 languages and
it isn't likely to work with .net 2002 languages. Scripts and or lug
ins are needed, depending on what version you will be using though.

2007/12/7, marvin hunkin <marvkin@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

looking to do programming at my college for 2008.
they use visual
now, what languages and environments will jaws work with, and not work with, so then i can get an idea, of what i need, and to let the it staff, get the
right version of jaws for me.
using version 6.10, on windows xp pro, sp2, and internet explorer 6.
if you can let me know, would be very appreciative.
cheers marvin.
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