Re: [program-l] CodePlex Jaws VS 2010 AddIn - Come Join Us!

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PMy problem is that I use the Express modules. Perhaps if there were a way to get, or use legally, a copy of Visual Studio I might be interested in playing around a little to see what it all entails. I know that students of credited schools get free or low cost copies and there are other situations where MS has given away copies or sold them at a very low cost. If MS were to allow registered designers of the interface to use the student version of their software that might be a low enough cost to make it a viable option for a home hobbiest on a very limited budget. I would still need to wait for GW Micro to get out their next version of WindowEyes since the current version, 7.2, does not support the recent accessibility hooks replacing MSAA nor the newer internet standards. At that, the new GW scripting model might give as good of support as the plug-in if all the accessibility features of VS are accessible via the new UIA hooks for objects and process. Anyway, my guess is that there would be more folks willing to play with the code if they could do so without having to lay out cash out of their own pockets or, at least, lay out a small amount. For you University students and Industry Professionals, it would be better to hire a developer to use whatever tools are necessary to make the package totally accessible in a simple to use and responsive manner. Then you get professional development with a consistent design, a support person who is paid to keep things up to date from release to release and likely a phone number to call and remote sessions for paid or group support of the product and perhaps VS itself.

If you do it for free it would be nice but if you want something of professional QUALITY it needs to be developed and maintained by either an established company or by a professional well aquainted with all accessibility technicals and also with fairly heavy use of the Visual Studio product line with a screen reader. Both are quite complicated in my opinion when you dig into the depths of each technical and explore the features other than the very most basics. That is why I did not fully support the idea of a free solution at this level, it has allot of holes and potentially fatel holes as I have seen over the years with other projects that depend on volunteers. The current JAWS scripts are fairly simple, very simple me thinks, compared to a full blown combined plugin and scripting solution that would work well for serious demanding professional environments requiring DataBase, Internet - Web, various DB, UI and other Designer support, DeBugging and dynamic visuals for wpf, Silverlight and the other newer features and more features that I just can't think of off the top of my head right now. Let's say you manage to get a nice solution and a couple of years from now, or perhaps one year, MS changes up the IDE, the Designers or other internal features requiring major changes to code segments. If the folks who were working on the complex code blocks are no longer available to dedicate time to the project, well, it would not work for those folks who depend on it at their University or their Jobs and some may fail their attempts to continue their education or even lose their jobs because someone at your end does not have time to keep the code up to date. "Remembering that this code is for professionals or students who will, hopefully, become professionals and not hobbiests it makes sense to me to devote dollars into making this product a product, and or, service of an existing and credable company with experience in such technicals and a history of quality and the likelyhood of a continuing feature in the field so the product will continue to be supported over the next couple of decades without inturruption or problems from the Blind Community of Professionals depending on the Accessibility Product to support themselves and their families. Phew! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to explain why I was not fully behind this idea from the start. Because of the nature of the VS Product it is geared for professionals who can afford, or are required for other reasons, to work in it and, or buy it. These folks either make money from it's use or their Educational institutions make money from the students or the State. Therefore, it is logical to funnel some of that money into a product that will make the required product, MS VS Studio available to those will benefit from its use.
It is just logical and also correct in my opinion.
Sonar has remained accessible over the years using this approach and accessibility is likely as though.
Rick USA
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I have noticed a number of negative reactions to Justin's post below. I think legitimate issues were raised, but a more constructive approach would be to engage in discussion with Justin about what features of the project would make you want to join. Through discussion, hopefully enough people can agree on something to work on collaboratively.


On 11/15/2010 7:01 PM, Justin Daubenmire wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I have setup a code plex open source project for programming a vs 2010
addin for the jaws for windows screen reader.

All information about the addin and for joining the project is found
at the following link:

Please pass on the link to any list or person you think would enjoy
being part of the team and contributing.

I will be on list and available for any questions. I am looking
forward to all of us completing this project.

Thanks and please let me know if there are any questions!

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