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Sauro and others:

   I have a couple of resolutions for you.
1. You could downgrade to Acrobat Reader 7, but continue using Jaws version 8. 2. If you are trying to view a PDF file in Acrobat and it turns out to be a scanned image, you can use document imaging to open the text in Word. Simply press CTRL+P to bring up the print dialogue. From the list of printers, select the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. If you can't hear the image writer in the list, you don't have document imaging on your computer. However, you can install it from an Office CD. After selecting the document image writer, press the enter key. You will be prompted to save your image. Assign the image a meaningful name and save it in either your documents folder or desktop. From the document imaging program, press alt+T to bring up the tools menu and then press the letter T to send text to Word. You will be prompted to choose the pages you want to send. Make sure the radio button for all pages is selected. Press the enter key and you will likely get a message stating that the document needs to be recognized with OCR. Tab to the yes button and Document Imaging will scan the document and open the text in Word. It will be in the form of an HTML file, which you can view using your arrow keys and reading commands. I hope that helps.

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask you what is the best way to read pdf docuemtns with jaws
version 8.
I tried to work with acrobat version 8 but it seems that it crashes
do you have other ways to do this?
can you even advice me other applications?

thanks in advance
best regards, Sauro

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