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Especially for programming questions and answers I've found Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange extremely useful. There is already categories there and they would definitely be willing to add a separate one for programming blind, or programming without vision, or programming without a screen, or software development using AT -- we can come up with a good title.

They've done a ton of work on that system and it can be used immediately. Where the system is not very accessible we could request changes -- they seem like a company that would listen to any suggestions that could improve their site. So instead of asking questions on the list, people should be encouraged to ask questions on Stack Overflow, and then throw the link to the question with informal additional comments in an email to this list. In that way informal discussions can go on via the list and conclusive answers can be posted as answers to the Stack Overflow question.

A wiki is really such a wonderful means of manageing knowledge. Yes it might be hard work to do the editing, but once a block of info is up anyone else can link to it -- unlike some email in a thread of hundreds of emails. Taking advice from Wikipedia one could enforce some standards so that all claims must be substantiated by external links. The nvd site would be the perfect place for such a wiki, and if the wiki capabilities of Drupal is insufficient why not just install Media Wiki (the engine of Wikipedia) and off we go? Alternatively one can actually just add to Wikipedia itself?

I don't know about you guys, but I find it rather painful searching through old emails or list archives. If you have a lot to say about something posted to the list, why not take ownership of it and start a wiki page on nvd or Wikipedia or a new wiki system on nvd site? What really whould be nice is if the person that started a new page in the wiki could take responsibility for it and work in any new additional info as time goes on, or just allow anyone else to add info but manage it by questioning unfounded claims and so on.

Just some thoughts.

On 9/3/2011 6:06 PM, David Tseng wrote:
Personally, I'd love to see the members of this list use a form; I'm
conscious of people within the community preferring to email as a more
familiar and comfortable medium, so a feature that could archive
emails as a form thread would be nice if such a thing exists. For the
rest of us, having proper threading, categories, etc makes sense and
is the modern way of disseminating information (ala stackoverflow).

A few other ideas:
- irc: this is the way most technologist communicate in real-time and
I don't see why people here can't do the same. This could also cut
down on the one-liners, tangential rantings, etc.
- svn/git/mercurial: code *belongs* on a scm system for a variety of
reasons. It's clumsy to email snippets of code and unhelpful to get
code that is incomplete or wrong. Complete examples help a lot and can
push discussion past the basics to something more substantial.
- user profiles: to have a place to contact people offline, to get
their contact info for Skype, etc.
- wiki's: helpful, but hard to maintain.

Basically, it sounds like a social network to use the buzz term of the
day :) would fit the bill. I'm sure we have enough experience with
those of us left on list to implement one from scratch or hack up a
cms to do it. You'd have to get a number of people with stable time
commitments to build something worthwhile, but using preexisting
services takes no time at all.

On 9/3/11, Stanzel, Susan - FSA, Kansas City, MO
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I think code should reside on

Susie Stanzel

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We have started talking about different methods for sharing information;
a forum and a wiki has already been discussed here.
As everything currently stands, we've done no planning about what sort
of information we will be sharing, but we've had plenty of hosting
Now, I have a question. We're looking at making all this, a wiki, a
forum, etc. How many people would care to use a forum for this list? As
for a wiki, why aren't we putting stuff up on,
where Jim has already put in a lot of work, as opposed to creating
-another- wiki somewhere else?


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