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How is accessibility for the MsgBox() and InputBox() functions?  Those do
not work using linux in console mode and I haven't yet gotten to do any
windows programming with dot net.  I've been using mono-vbnc on a debian box
and programming some of the stuff over on  Usually
when stuff I write up using that site's code as teaching examples doesn't
work on mono-vbnc it's because of a bug in mono-vbnc.  I found one this
weekend.  If you want something to return a value, use a function since Subs
don't yet return any useful information yet.

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yes very, go to this site and get a ton of helpful items:

proprietor, The Grab Bag,
for blind computer users and programmers
Owner: Alacorn Computer Enterprises
"own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!"
Owner: Agemtree
"merchants in fine facetted and cabochon gemstones"
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> Hi all,
> I am seeing a fairly high number of job openings which use .net.  Is .net 
> doable/accessible using Jaws or other screen readers?
> I find myself in need of finding another job and thought I might look into

> some of these if it is even worth considering.  I need to jump into the 
> learning curve quickly though.
> Thanks.
> Dan Beaver
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