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Hi: I can't help with the games, never played with the technicals. But, if you 
want something coded in I can put something together if it is not too 
big a project. 
Rick USA
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  hi folks, 

  the subject line says it all, I'm a designer, and I play with simple 
programming, but I'm not able to keep a lot of complex stuff in my mind and 
syntax gives me a headcake (feels like my head is stuffed to bursting with 

  unfortunately my abilities are far surpassed by my design work, so I am 
looking for a decent programmer to 1. make a couple accessible programs for me. 
  and 2. work with me on some games that we may sell in the near future 

  anyone who would like to work with me on either or both! please contact me 
off list at:

  hope to hear from someone in the near future,
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