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I've been a Delphi developer since version 1 back in the 90's. The Author simply needs to use TMainMenu for a menubar accorss the top and TPopupMenu for any context menus. Jaws will work very well once he uses these.

My suggestion to him is to have an .ini configuration setting that he checks in his main form's FormShow event. If the flag is set then he hides one of the menus and shows the other.

I'm surprised the author of PortableApps doesn't already know this.

If he needss any further assistance have him email me directly.

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Subject: making program accessible for blind users

Hi all!

I would like to use a program which is not accessible for blind users,
it has a very graphical, mouse-oriented menu and we unable to use ith
- for example - the Jaws cursor feature.
There is a project on the internet called PortableApps
(, it is wel known all over the world but the
menu is not accessible. It's need a very accessible text menu i think.
The menu written in Delphi, and i don't know Delphi
to describe the author how could he make his program Accessible - for
example - which classes, units he can use to write the text menu. He
would like to make his program accessible for blind people as well
using it with speaking software but he doesn't know anything about
these softwares.
Now he using Delphi 2010.
Could someone describe me how to write a text menu in this programming
language which is compatible for all speaking softwares (Jaws, NVDA,

I was trying to find a program which is written in Delphi and it has
good menu and the source is available to show this to the author to
help him creating a usable menu.

Or, another alternative if someone could post it to this forum after
registering a username:
I will be very happy if this great program would be accessible to
blind people all over the world.

Sincerely, Csabi
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