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I hear what your saying Jim, but knowing what is "not quite right" in the j9 beta would be helpful to the rest of us, eh?

yes most definitely let if s know, but I would like to know as well, smile

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I totally agree with this, and instead of complaining on this list, please
constructively take the time to report issues to FS.


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Usability Engineering
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"It's more important for me to start to do the right thing than it is to
wait until I think I
can do it just right."

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            Please respond to

I would urge all of you to report like crazy.

I've already filed at least six bugs, if not more, and I am hoping that my
experience with the .net bugs repeats itself and they fix these things.

Obviously, don't make them frivolous, and try not to make them useless bug
reports such as those that are the fault of a particular software
application, instead of FS doing something wrong in jaws, but I hope they
will take them to heart.

the email address you should report to is:


I've been using the subject prefix of:

jaws9 beta bug report

followed by a colon followed by a space and then a short subject for the

It helps them a great deal if you include steps on how to reproduce the

Good luck all

Take care,

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