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Thanks! I will look at those links; hopefully I can stop the stupid error list from popping up every time I hit a key or edit a line.

Have a great day,

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Subject: Re: jaws10 and Visual Studio 2008

if you go get the stuff available from:
for the VS 2005/2008 IDE's you should have marginal trouble,
Jamal M has an tutorial working site at:
" Visual Studio Tips for Blind Programmers

From the web page

Nonvisual Development with .NET:
Tips for Blind Users of Visual Studio and Related Tools

Edited by Jamal Mazrui
October 9, 2008

On a couple of public mailing lists,
ProgrammingBlind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and
Program-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, numerous tips have been contributed for
programmers who use Visual Studio or other tools for building
with the .NET Framework. The following is a compilation of those
tips.  I
have made edits to improve their collective readability, flow, or
organization rather than simply pasting them verbatim in their
email form. My presumption is that these tips were freely shared
for the
purpose of benefiting others, and so their inclusion here is
with that spirit.

Sometimes, essentially the same tip was contributed by multiple
individuals, so I picked one that happened to fit better in the
context. Accordingly, I have not explicitly associated an author
each tip. A list of contributors is below. If anyone recognizes
contribution and would like it to be changed or removed, please
let me
know. Also let me know if a name should be added, dropped, or
There are names and tips that are inadvertently missing. We want
contributions to be given voluntarily and gladly.

The current, alphabetized list of contributors is as follows:
Dave B.,
Sina Barham, Jeff Bishop, Eunice Clicker, Isaias Couch, Bill
Dennis, Punit
Diwan, Justin Daubenmire, Shannon Gerdts, Rodney Haynie, Chris
James Homme, Marvin Hunkin, Jacob Kruger, Pranav Lal, David Lant,
Lee, Tyler Littlefield, Mark Long, Jay Macarty, Jamal Mazrui,
James Panes,
Will Pearson, Ken Perry, Martin Slack, Travis Roth, Sunfire, and
Rick USA.

I grouped the tips into the categories listed in the table of
below. Naturally, there is overlap. Within each category, the
is mostly random. Contributions have been primarily JAWS
related, but
users of other screen readers may benefit from underlying ideas.
Tips so
far have mainly been for Visual Studio 2005. Contributions are
on any relevant topic.  "

hope this helps,
the elf
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Subject: jaws10 and Visual Studio 2008

Hi all,
My cryptography class will be using c sharp for all our
programming. I am wondering if I can use Visual Studio 2008
Waws10, and how easy it will actually be? As you know, there can
be a difference between being useable and being easy to use,
especially with screen readers in the mix.  Thanks for any help
on this.

Have a great day,
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