Re: jaws and VS 2010 revisited

  • From: Varun Khosla <varun.lists@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:29:39 +0530

How good is system access with VS 2010? It's good if it works well,
but it won't be of any rescue if it only "works". The issue is that to
be efficient professional programmers, blind folks need to have most
(if not all) of the accessibility problems be resolved with the tool
they do coding or they'll just spend half of their precious time
messing up with the tool to get it work for them thus incurring a bad
reputation for them. These days I have to pres a lot of Alt while
working in VS2010 code editor which is not only wasting my time but
also incurring rist pain thanks to the extra physical effort I have to
put in to "get VS work for me".

I have worked on VS2005 and VS2008 extensively and therefore I know
many ways of how to do a particular thing or how to look for
particular information, but I bet that if an aspiring blind programmer
tries to start straight with VS2010 (with current accessibility
situation), she'll soon drop the idea of doing programming altogether.

On 9/27/10, Katherine Moss <plymouthroamer285@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Don't give up guys!  You'll get it one of these days since there are
> currently scripts being worked on in VS2010.  System Access also works with
> VS2010.
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> Hi Varun,
> Today I couldn't compile a project because the assembly it links to is from
> .Net 4.0 and I understand that the only way for me to link to such
> assemblies would be to move up to VS 2010. I presume there should be a way
> to compile for .Net 4.0 by only using a command line compiler, but it's just
> postponing the inevitable ha ha.
> So I'll be joining you there next week! And I'm going to have to see what
> NVDA and JAWS 8 is going to do with VS 2010!
> My advice is to steer clear of VS by using your own code editor and only
> using VS for compiling and debugging.
> Has anyone had success with WindowsEyes or any other screen reader when it
> comes to VS 2010?
> Maybe we should all ditch everything MS and code C++ and C in and for Linux
> using speakup in the console!
> Or go over to Java in Eclipse, or Python in which ever editor you choose and
> feel like.
> Keep well
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 8:20 AM, Varun Khosla <varun.lists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Latest Jaws 11 version seems to be working ok with VS 2010. It's now
> reading code editor properly (although recognizing the collapsed code
> block as space). There's a miner yet most annoying issue I'm facing:
> Jaws for unknown reasons, enters into menu mode (announcing "menu")
> most of the time when I open solution explorer, intellisense and even
> dialog boxes. This strange behavior causes Jaws to read things
> improperly (sort of menu style). Moreover, in case of intellisense,
> when I select an item (say by tabbing), intellisense gets out of the
> way but Jaws doesn't get out of the menu mode and thus unable to read
> the code using arrow keys until I explicitly make it so by pressing
> alt key twice.
> I think the same issue was there with previous versions of Jaws when
> working with earlier VS versions and resolved with some tweaks in the
> 2005 scripts? Does anyone have an idea as to how to fix this?
> Finally I've been put into a project being developed on VS 2010 and
> cannot escape. With all of my initial experiences, I advice to try to
> keep yourself away from it as long as you can.
> P.S. I earlier put this issue into VS2008 intellisense and jaws thread
> finding it closer to what is being discussed over there, but later I
> felt it would be more appropriate for it to have its own thread.
> Thanks,
> Varun
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