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  • From: sameer manohtra <sameermanohtra@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 19:09:51 +0530

Hello guys,
My self sameer manohtra from India, and I’m a totally blind.
Due to my concealed interest in programming, I have started learning
the first programming language of my life that’s
In fact I’m not that highly rational when comes the question of
programming, so will keep seeking your kind help.
I’m not very sure about all of you people as I’ve just found this list
when I was googling something on the same topic, but I’m quite sure
that all of you have nicely attained your endeavors, and in fact are
one of the prominents of society.
As I have subscribed on this list now, you will keep receiving silly
questions from my side, as I’m just an apprentice in all those stuffs
what you have already mastered.
Before asking any queries, would like to tell, that I’m using jaws
version 7.0 and VS 2005.
Further, scripts of jaws for vs 2005 is installed.
The first, and chief problem I’m facing from the first day of
learning, is that I’m unable to set the layout of my forms.
For example, I found it unattainable to set different components on
their right positions as buttons, text boxes, labels, group boxes, or
what so ever.
I mean, that  my cited counterparts always keeps telling, that my
forms looks so bizarre in terms of design.
Though jaws still navigates finely, and therefore I always find my
self unable satisfying my friends via designing, and proper placement
of my form items.
So, is there any specific technique from which we can set a relatively
good layout, so that at least cited people don’t finds it odd?
Mostly, my text boxes would be so lower side, button would be on top,
labels somewhere hidden, and all that pathetic what my friends tells
Are  their any particular guidelines or sort of stuff about placing
these ToolBox components which can make it look user friendly?
In wait of your quick responses,
Sameer manohtra.
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