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Yes, astrolog is interface agnostic since if you run astrolog using the
command line, it doesn't blow up and complain about a display it
couldn't open it simply works in command line mode.  Gnome or gtk were
astrolog to run in them as well as on command line then it would be
interface agnostic for the accessibility crowd.

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Hmm, if it runs on KDE, it's not really interface agnostic as far as
someone wit no vision is concerned.  KDE is stil inaccessible.  Work
is being done towards that.  Something called qt-at-spi:

Just thought I'd point that out.

Alex M

On 2/28/11, DaShiell, Jude T.  CIV NAVAIR 1490, 1, 26
<jude.dashiell@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I use astrolog on Linux and in dos when I'm using that operating
> The Linux version is interface agnostic in that it will run under
> line user environment or under graphical user interface using KDE.
> was written using C.  What has me curious though isn't C, but python.
> python be used to do interface agnostic programming as well?  If this
> possible two programs I'd like to fix would be pyching and
fetchmailconf by
> putting command line interfaces into them.
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