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AN .iso is just a type of compressed file archive. Extract it with something like WinRAR exactly as you would a .zip, .rar, or other archive. Then run setup.exe from the unpacked directory.


On 4/1/2009 9:45 PM, tribble wrote:
how do you extract from an ISO? Is that what UltraISO is supposed to do?
Setup.exe is only one of the files in the ISO -- there is an inf file that
supposedly runs when the disk is inserted into the drive.  I haven't fired
up UltraISO since I bought it more than a month ago -- I did what I needed
to do (or so I thought) and then let it sit.

Ok I remember -- I wanted to burn the dvd so I could install the software on
other laptops.  Wouldn't you know the buggy drive is on my main machine.
Thanks Ty -- I confess I'm a little impatient with windows apps. Compared to
the unix/linux stuff I was used to as a student, windows is one big straight
Take care.

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You can just extract the files and run setup.exe

Tyler Littlefield
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My programs don't have bugs, they're called randomly added features.

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Subject: installation questions

Hi all -- I'm a bit behind here, but I blame it on computer constraints...
have now moved the more voluminous files off my main hard drive and so can
concentrate more on setting up Visual Studio.
My question is: I downloaded the .ISO file containing VS express version
from Microsoft about a month ago, but due to a defect in my laptop's DVD
burner, I could not burn the ISO to disk. There are 5 files waiting to be
written. Nevertheless, I went ahead and installed it anyway to see what
would happen. I got Visual C# and C++ with no complaints, but I am
those 5 files are important.  UltraISO creates an e: drive containing the
virtual image of the ISO. I have no idea what is going on under the table
during the installation process.  Does the software actually install those
missing 5 files as if they were on the disk? (After all, they are in a
place on the hard drive...)
Details, details...
Am I in for an unpleasant surprise if I run VS without doing something? If
so, how can I avoid it?
This laptop has been a gem, but I have run into problems before with this
DVD drive. I can't even play some music CDs in it because the scanner
go all the way to the edge of the disk.
I should have known that the big rebate I got when I bought this thing was
too good to be true -- I got what I paid for...
Ideas welcome.

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