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Oh gees you know he doesn't have to put it on any literature.  I mean if he
just calls it Speech Extreme what's the harm?  

Come on the best lit to txt converter listed on Microsoft's site and just
about everywhere is short hand called "clit"  go to to see
what I mean

Also if you get technical anything can come up with a bad acronym that is
why that game is so popular on the net.  For example we all know Ford "Found
on road dead"  I am sure they were not thinking of that when they named it
after the owner.  Or I guess jaws could be "Just about without sex"  or
"Just assholes with speech"  or "Joking alot when speaking"

It doesn't matter what you name your software if it is good it will be used
if it is bad it will be hidden on some web page.



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You're taking a very big risk in naming your product something that may
ultimately end up associated with a sexual innuendo. I'm simply guessing,
but I'm thinking many of your likely population of users will be blind users
who for the most part:

1. Your target population will be in their older years which means they will
not think talking about their phone in a sexual manner to be cute or funny. 
Just think of the names of current cell phones out there. The names elicit
such things as chocolate or raspberry or something neutral for all including
generic numbers such as X30E5. It won't sound cute or funny if your mother
or grandfather has to call a family member for help with their sex cell
phone screen reader.

2. Though males such as yourself probably won't think much of this sexual
innuendo, the female population of possible customers may think differently.

You can choose to ignore this facet of the population, but 50% of possible
sales will disappear if you do so.

3. It will be difficult for a young population of possible customers to
convince their parent that a cell phone screen reader with a sexual tone is
a good idea to buy.

5. I don't know what country you're from, but outside of the major cities in
the US, talking openly about sexuality is still not easy for many to do.

6. When someone goes out into the internet to seek out product information
for your screen reader, just what type of WebPages do you think they will
generate when they search for the words: Sex cell phone, or, sex reader, or
any combination of sex and phone. If they don't know how to clean out their
history they might find themselves in some problems.

I'm sure there are lots of other problems with this idea that you've
obviously not considered thoroughly, but I'm just conveying these off the
top of my head--imagine what professional marketing professionals can
generate? If you've got money to burn on half-baked ideas then feel free and
continue on your path. Just posting my opinion on subject matter you're
posting publicly.

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Subject: ideas and adaptations was re: need beta testers for an alternative
screen readers

> Hi all.  First up, thanks for the overwhelming response to my appeal 
> for beta testers.  In view of the tremendous response, my wife and i 
> have agreed that i should increase the number of testers from 5 to 
> ten.  Within the next few days, I'll be setting up 2 email lists, 1 
> for programmibility and one for usability, so that the usability and 
> programming aspects of the application can be discussed separately.  I 
> would also like to appoint someone from here as a sort of adviser for 
> myself, since this is all very new to me, and my wife thinks it will be
good for me to have one as well.
> So, if you receive an email from a list that has "speech extreme" or "sex"

> (smile) within the next 1 or 2 days, it will be from me.  Thanks ken 
> for the very innovative, ear catching and mind churning name of my 
> mobile screen reader software. you gave my wife such a fit of the 
> giggles.  Also, there have been many contributions and ideas already, 
> and if yours doesn't come on board for this release, it will be
implimented in the next one.
> To be very honest, I'd have liked it very much for some of you to come 
> onboard, but circumstances being what they are, it will be difficult, 
> and it is a shame for, i could do with your constructive and 
> intelligent input.  However, when my product comes out on the market, 
> please write to me before you place your order and i'll work out a 
> favorable discount for you, just as a token of appreciation for all 
> your help to me over the years, which has enabled me to reach this far 
> towards my goal.  Don't worry, I've got your names already on my 
> database smile.  Thanks all.  And for those who were successful, you'll be
hearing from me soon.  Cheers!
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