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Grin some might say that name is not very professional but those same people
rant and rave about Linux which has the most cool commands like Finger.
There is a whole list of them but the point is.  If you can't have fun
creating software and names for your software what is there. 

I say have some Pizza and beer and depending if your wife likes it better
some wine.  From there go out in the yard and dance naked and a name for
your software will come to you.

When your rich just remember poor old Ken who came up with the name snicker.


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Hi all.  First up, thanks for the overwhelming response to my appeal for
beta testers.  In view of the tremendous response, my wife and i have agreed
that i should increase the number of testers from 5 to ten.  Within the next
few days, I'll be setting up 2 email lists, 1 for programmibility and one
for usability, so that the usability and programming aspects of the
application can be discussed separately.  I would also like to appoint
someone from here as a sort of adviser for myself, since this is all very
new to me, and my wife thinks it will be good for me to have one as well. 
So, if you receive an email from a list that has "speech extreme" or "sex" 
(smile) within the next 1 or 2 days, it will be from me.  Thanks ken for the
very innovative, ear catching and mind churning name of my mobile screen
reader software. you gave my wife such a fit of the giggles.  Also, there
have been many contributions and ideas already, and if yours doesn't come on
board for this release, it will be implimented in the next one.  To be very
honest, I'd have liked it very much for some of you to come onboard, but
circumstances being what they are, it will be difficult, and it is a shame
for, i could do with your constructive and intelligent input.  However, when
my product comes out on the market, please write to me before you place your
order and i'll work out a favorable discount for you, just as a token of
appreciation for all your help to me over the years, which has enabled me to
reach this far towards my goal.  Don't worry, I've got your names already on
my database smile.  Thanks all.  And for those who were successful, you'll
be hearing from me soon.  Cheers! 

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