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Did you ever find a consistant way to click on the xib files?  




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Good morning,


Last night I successfully built and ran a Cocoa "Hello World" application
for OS/X using XCode and Interface Builder with VoiceOver.  The next step
was to build and run a Cocoa "Hello World" app for the iPhone.


I would be happy to hear if anyone has found information that contradicts
the following.


Problem: Anyone can register and download the iPhone SDK and start
developing iPhone applications on their Mac.  However, the iPhone Simulator,
which is where you test your app, is not accessible with VoiceOver on the
Mac.  Indeed, a blind developer cannot test their own application on the


After doing some reading I believe that the answer to this is to sign up for
the iPhone Developer program ($99 USD).  This provides, amongst other
things, the ability to build and test your apps on an iPhone or iPod Touch
if you have one.


I would encourage anyone interested in doing iPhone development to e-mail
accessibility@xxxxxxxxx (they are normally very responsive) to let them know
how you feel about this (and anything else regarding Apple accessibility).
It just doesn't seem right to me that blind developers need to pay $99 to
experiment with iPhone development.




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