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yes well that's my work and anyone making a copy of it, mirroring it or any other way using it is gonna wish they never saw the site!

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I was going to just mirror it, but I had about 10 messages in my inbox, mainly consisting of flames from Inthane. Good luck.
On 10/7/2011 9:07 AM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
Hello Tyler:

Yes, I am interested in the grabbag.  If you tell me where it's at, I'll
download it and when I have time, organize it to make it available to
others.  Thanks,


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I mirrored the grabbag when Inthane was threatening to take it down. It
appears I did it in time, since it's gone now. I want to get this off my
system--I've yet to find anything useful there. Anyone interested in the
archive just for archive purposes before I toss it?


Take care,
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