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OK, so apparently he brought it back up since the last discussion. I figure it will be going down again this weekend when the list switches. Just do:

wget --mirror
That will be the same archive I have. You can just tar it with tar -cjvf grabbag.tar.bz2
That should do it. To pull it out again:
tar -xjvf grabbag.tar.bz2
As I said earlier, change the content if you decide to host yourself. use the page to go through the links, but don't even post the site publically until you rewrite the pages and get rid of that logo.

On 10/7/2011 9:07 AM, Humberto Rodriguez wrote:
Hello Tyler:

Yes, I am interested in the grabbag.  If you tell me where it's at, I'll
download it and when I have time, organize it to make it available to
others.  Thanks,


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I mirrored the grabbag when Inthane was threatening to take it down. It
appears I did it in time, since it's gone now. I want to get this off my
system--I've yet to find anything useful there. Anyone interested in the
archive just for archive purposes before I toss it?


Take care,
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