RE: getting started with java:what is needed?

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You first might want to check with your college some colleges have ditched
Java and boy do they have their reasons but I am sure Sina will argue that
one.  Anyway One thing I would suggest and it really doesn't answer your
question because I saw most people are already doing that.  I would suggest
you learn eclipse.  The reason is if you start out with a text editor you
might never go to using eclipse and that would be a shame.  Eclipse does so
much for you including making it very easy to start writing apps for things
like Android and for packaging your projects and for all kinds of debugging
stuff.  So if you fight your way to using the Eclipse editor you will find
in the long run you are more productive.


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Hello all,
I wanted to start learning Java, as I'll probably be using it in college.
So, this brings up the question: What sort of things will be needed to run
java apps on windows and the mac, what other tools besides the compiler? I
hear about a lot of extra apps or toolkits that are needed to make things
accessible, so I'd like to be on the right road.
Tyler Littlefield
        Twitter: sorressean

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