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I can answer that Ty, but for a good answer you will need to feed info this way 
due to different types and styles  of racing and tracks, what are you thinking 

for any type of mapping, I think your best way to work is with "units" weather 
there squares or octagons or pentagons,  if you use some sort of measuring unit 
it will make things a whole lot easier.   squares would be simplest, but also 
limiting in some kinds of designs.  

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  Hello list,
  I've got a question.
  I'm thinking of writing a game in c++.
  I want to find a way to make the board and map.
  I thought about using an array, but then that would require that all objects 
are the same...
  Any ideas?
  Also, how are race tracks built?
  I want to do a bit of racing in the game, just not sure how to lay those out.

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