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CCleaner + disk defrag!
On 2/3/2011 11:38 AM, Homme, James wrote:
Disk cleanup gets rid of a number of things including stuff I never knew 
existed. You might want to check that.



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Hate to point out the obvious, but, have you cleared out your internet
cache?  Sometimes, we go out and look for the complicated stuff and
forget the simple stuff.  I've done it before.  I had a truly
stupendous cache once.  I got crazy with youtube and it was leaving
copies of its movies or something.  I did all kinds of stuff thinkint
it was something else, compressing here, deleting there, pearing down
there ...  I then dleeted all my internet history, files, and cookies.
   The hard drive spun for a few breaths and then voi la!   Success!
To keep it from happening again, I wound up going into internet
options and setting the cache to clear itself out every time I exited.

Alex M

On 2/3/11, qubit<lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hi all -- yesterday I was desperate for space on my laptop and went in and
uninstalled MSSQLserver (I think that's what it was called)..  I hit pay
dirt as uninstalling that resulted in 5 other programs to be removed as
well.  However, now my machine gives a fatal error (fatal for some system
app, not for windows) when I boot up.  My mind is suddenly blank trying to
remember the name of the app, however it had something to do with a license
problem. Anyway, I didn't recognize it.  Question, I think this stuff was
installed when I installed Office 2003.  I installed everything on the
disks, including the business apps.
So far this crash is the only problem. But it only freed up a few hundred

I need to free up something on the order of 5 gigs.
I long ago moved my bulky media files to a separate disk.  I have been
regularly uninstalling programs, but the space fills up again and I don't
know why.

I checked the sizes of folders and documents and settings only had something
like 2.47gb, while program files had 3.44gb.
There is also a file called swtools containing 2gb that appears to hold apps
and drivers and something else.

Even the windows folder didn't seem like it contained a lot.

How do I whittle down the fat on this computer?
Is there a place containing old history files that I can truncate?

It got as low as 12gb free space and the disk was thrashing.  I freed up
files to over 19gb free space and it improved.  Today it got below 15 and I
haven't been doing anything but answer email.

Any tips welcome.

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