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Well what I think is someone took Small talk and Objective C and ADA and a
few other obscure objective languages and said lets really make people who
like objects happy .    Its a very objective language that  takes objective
programming to the next extreme.  I might just  go get the visual studio
plug in and see if it works with the Visual studio scripts because while I
think this is a very bloated language it looks fun to play with.  If you
want some really good reading on this the best place I have found is
actually on Wikipedia at this link:

I will say this language has taken care of some problems I see with Java and
lots of problems I see with C++ and made a truly objective language the
problem I see is  it doesn't seem that anyone has implemented a full set of
the IFFEL standard yet.  Meaning the compilers none of them seem to be
complete this can be a problem with open source languages like this one but
who knows maybe someone has a complete compiler some where I just haven't
found one.  That doesn't mean that you can't use the language its just like
the creators of the compiler have said Oh we don't need that feature so we
won't put it in our compiler.

So this language definitely seems to have promises.


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Any1 know about this language & whutcha think?  Also, please read my
signature & sign the petition if u haven't already.

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